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    Paiement when Receiving
    Cash on Delivery is a payment method that allows you to pay in cash or by card when your order arrives at your doorstep. It is simple, safe, convenient and allows you to review your order and make sure you are satisfied with it before paying.

    Note, you may not be able to pay on receipt, due to:

    • Your cart contains overseas products, a virtual product, or an insurance item
    • The shopping cart is less than the minimum amount allowed to enjoy cash on delivery
    • Your delivery option (some remote areas, some select transit stations) are not eligible for cash on delivery
    • Cash on delivery is not allowed in your account, based on past receiving experience

    Since our delivery agents do not handle out-of-pocket expenses, we appreciate that you have an exact amount of payment
    Payment must be made before an electronic item such as a phone or laptop is revealed. Once the seal is broken, item can only be returned if damaged, counterfeit, defective, or missing parts present. If you change your mind, an unsealed item cannot be returned anymore.